Body Contouring in Newport Beach

Body Contouring After Major Weight Loss

What is body contouring and why should I consider it?

Body contouring after major weight loss is highly recommended by Dr. Ip in Newport Beach & Orange County to help improve the shape and the tone of the skin to achieve the figure that these patients were initially wishing for.  This procedure can remove any excess skin and provide a smoother and more natural contour for our patients, and is best for those who have achieved their ideal weight and has it stabilized for some time.  This is also a very promising procedure for those who have maintained a healthy lifestyle since this ensures that weight fluctuations will no longer occur and patients will appreciate the results for a long time.

What are the effects of major weight loss?

In the hopes of getting a svelte and slim figure, there are some people who lose weight so drastically and they don’t realize that the sudden loss of weight can have negative effects on their appearance.  If you have drastically lost weight, your skin would lose its tone and shape.  The skin and the underlying tissues lose its elasticity and will be unable to provide support and will result to sagging.  Below are some of the effects of major weight loss to the body:

  • The upper arms will appear loose and full and breasts will appear flattened and the nipples will point downward.
  • The abdomen will appear like a hanging apron because the abdomen will hang down and extend to the back and the sides.
  • Other areas of the body like the buttocks, thighs, and groin area will sag creating pockets of skin.
  • Having excess skin can increase skin to skin contact that can result to sores and rashes that can lead to infection
  • Excess skin can make moving and maintaining good hygiene difficult

What are my options for body contouring procedures?

To be able to restore a slimmer and more natural body contour, Dr. Ip provides a series of procedures to his patients in Newport Beach to address the different problem areas in the body.  Unfortunately, major weight loss does not affect only one body part, so a treatment plan will be mapped out for you to identify the areas that need treatment and the proper procedure that will best correct your condition.  Listed below are the different procedures for body contouring:

  • For the face and neck, a face lift may be recommended to remove any excess skin and give patients a younger profile.
  • For the breast, a breast lift or a breast augmentation can be done to remove the excess skin and improve the volume and size of the breasts
  • For the arms, a brachioplasty can be recommended to remove any excess skin in the lower arms and can be done in conjunction with a breast procedure.
  • For the abdomen, your surgeon may recommend a tummy tuck to remove the excess skin and to tighten the underlying muscle to provide more support.
  • For the buttocks and thighs, a body lift can help remove the excess skin and lift the buttocks to create a younger profile and a thigh lift can also be performed to remove any excess skin in the upper leg
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