Chin Implants in Newport Beach

What is chin surgery?

In Newport Beach, cosmetic surgery is becoming an increasingly common trend in men, specifically so for those who want to create a more chiseled and refined profile that they can only get from having a strong and defined chin. Chin surgery is a surgical procedure that is used specifically to reshape the chin and improve its overall appearance by enhancing or reducing it, depending on the patient’s needs. This technique is able to give a proportionate and well-balanced look to the entire face. Chin surgery, when performed alone, can be a great tool to enhance a patient’s features, but it is also as efficient as when it is performed in conjunction with other procedures, especially in cases of facial reconstruction.

What are the advantages of getting chin surgery?

Whenever a patient considers chin surgery, there are a number of advantages that they could take advantage of. One is that chin surgery is a great and permanent way to achieve a stronger, more prominent chin, compared to the more temporary effect of fillers. They use of chin implants is also very versatile because there are so many choices that can help you achieve the final look that you desire. This procedure can also be conveniently performed in conjunction with other procedures such as nose surgery to improve the overall appearance of the patients face, and surgeons have the option to use a direct or intraoral surgical approach to minimize scarring after the procedure as well.

What should I expect from a chin surgery procedure?

Several options are available to the patient for chin surgery. Chin augmentation can improve the bony structure of the jaw and create a stronger, more prominent chin by making it wider or by lengthening the face. This effect can be achieved by the use of implants to add to the bony structure. At the beginning of the surgery, the doctor makes an incision along the line of the lower jaw and directly over the bone to accommodate the implant. Silicon implants are ideally inserted through a small incision that is made under the patient’s chin. For more rigid materials, however, the incision can be made inside the patient’s mouth. And to make sure that the chin implants stay in place, the doctor can affix it on to the bone or surrounding tissues, or create the pocket to be very well fitted to the implant. The incision will then be closed, and the chin surgery is complete. Generally, it only takes about 30 to 45 minutes for the procedure to be completed, unless it is being performed in conjunction with other procedures.

Are there risks with chin surgery?

Any type of surgery comes with risks, and chin surgery is no different as it can cause swelling and hematoma, and even a temporary numbing of the lower lip. Also, immediately after surgery, the implant can be moveable or shifting, but this is temporary, as it will begin to be held more securely in place as the healing process continues. The patient will also be advised against strenuous or physically tasking activities that require aggressive contact until the wound is fully healed because damaging the chin implant could lead to an infection that requires it to be removed if necessary.

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