Body Lift in Newport Beach

What is a body lift Surgery?

The patients of Dr. Ip at Newport Beach & Orange County are no different from patients all over the US. They all feel the need to look younger and have a slimmer figure. As we age, the skin has the natural tendency to sag and lose elasticity. Diet and exercise cannot firm the skin and bring back its elasticity, so the best treatment would be a body lift.

A body lift can improve the tone as well as the shape of the underlying tissue in our skin that supports the fat and the skin. Body lift can remove the excess skin that is a result of major weight loss or the natural aging process. This can prevent the appearance of skin dimples knows as cellulite. In cases where there is an excess of fat tissues in an area, your cosmetic surgeon can also recommend a liposuction to be done together with a body lift for a slimmer effect.

Is body lift right for me?

The patients at Newport Beach & Orange County all want that image of health and of being fit. A body lift will give you the tones and contoured look that you need to exude that aura. A body lift will be a good alternative to improve your appearance when you have loose or sagging skin in one or more areas in your body. A body lift can benefit different parts of your body. It can make the abdomen more even and remove excess skin extending to the sides. It can lift and improve the shape of your buttocks. It can also lift the inner and outer thigh and create a leaner appearance. A body lift can only be done if a patient’s health and if he is a non-smoker because this can affect the healing process. If you are thinking of getting a body lift, you have to keep in mind that you have to maintain regular exercise and proper diet to be able to maintain the results.

What is a body lift procedure like?

Body lift procedures performed by Dr. Ip in Newport Beach & Orange County are all done under general anesthesia. For a lower body lift, incisions will be made around the body and this will allow the surgeon to reposition and lift the skin to achieve a younger profile. Your surgeon will tighten the underlying tissues to provide more support. The excess skin will be removed and the incisions will be closed using sutures or skin adhesives. Bandages will be applied to protect the sutures and a tube will be placed to drain the fluid that could possibly collect. Patients are given instructions on proper care for the wounds when they are at home to prevent any complications. A follow-up check-up will be scheduled to check on the wound as well as any signs of infection.

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