Permanent Makeup in Newport Beach

What is permanent make up?

Perhaps one of the most important innovations of our time is the refinement of the use of make up to improve the way a person looks, preparing them for starting their days, or livening up their night. However, for people on the go who seemingly do not have enough time on their hands to make themselves up every day, Dr. Steven Ip has the perfect solution in permanent makeup. Permanent makeup is a method that cosmetically utilizes the tattooing technique to permanently infuse the skin with pigment that resembles conventional make up. Permanent make up can be applied on the eyebrows, the lips, eyelids, and on other skin surfaces of the face.

What are the uses for permanent make up?

Permanent makeup is a great way to cover up scars or pigmentation on the face. It has also been very useful for patients who have lost facial hair, including their eyebrows, following chemotherapy, old age, alopecia, and for genetic diseases. Permanent makeup has also been used in some cases to improve or restore the color of the breast’s areola, especially after the patient undergoes breast surgery.

What are the benefits of permanent make up?

Permanent makeup is a good option for people who want to create a soft and natural-looking improvement on their face without undergoing drastic surgery. Aside from its aesthetic benefits, though, permanent make up also offers the following:

  • It is a great makeup option for patients who cannot wear traditional makeup because of hypersensitivity
  • Permanent makeup is the cosmetic of choice for patients who lead active lifestyles and take part in activities that usually result in their make up rubbing off throughout the day
  • It is great for patients who have trouble putting on their make up because of dexterity issues like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, or arthritis.

What are the procedures used in the application of permanent make up?

  • Permanent eyebrows are created to make the eyebrows more prominent and streamlined. The entire brow can be recreated, or a few hairline strokes can be penciled in for a subtler look.
  • Permanent eyeliner is useful for defining the eyes and eyelashes. It can be used to enhance the upper eyelid, the lower eyelid, or both.
  • Permanent lip liners can shape and define the lips, make them more symmetrical, or make them look attractively fuller. This technique also infuses color into the lips to make them look naturally more vibrant
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