Facial Implants in Newport Beach

What are facial implants?

Dr. Steven Ip makes sure that he addresses all of his patients needs when it comes to making them look good. There are many procedures that have been used over the years to help patients achieve their most desired appearance, and facial implants have become one of the leading procedures to polish and define a patient’s look. Facial implants are shaped pieces of silicone that are positioned in predetermined places in the forehead, cheek, chin, and jaw areas to enhance facial form. These additions are used to bring the facial features into balance by creating a stronger jawline, smoother forehead, or fuller cheeks.

Who can use facial implants?

To be considered for facial implants, patients must be in good overall health, ideally, do not smoke, and have no underlying health conditions that could cause complications during surgery or impede healing afterward. It is a good option for patients looking to enhance how they look by adding volume into prominent areas of the face that appear to be sunken or hollowed out. The result is a younger looking profile that makes the patient’s facial features stand out.

What facial implants can I use?

There is a wide array of facial implants that are used to augment facial volume and improve the patient’s overall appearance.

  • Mid facial implants or cheek implants are used to add fullness of the cheeks and may be inserted through incisions made on the inner portion of the upper lip, behind the hairline, or just below the lower eyelid. When used properly, cheek implants can give the patient a look that boasts of higher cheekbones or fuller cheeks, with minimal scarring afterwards.
  • Chin implants give the patient a more prominent chin outline and are inserted into the chin region through incisions that can be made either on the inner portion of the patient’s lower lip, or through a small one made right under the chin.
  • Lower jaw implants enhance the jawline for a stronger, more chiseled lower face profile. These implants may be inserted through an incision made inside the patient’s lower lip to conceal the scarring.
  • Nasal implants are effective in improving the shape of the tip or the bridge of the patient’s nose.
  • Paranasal implants are inserted into the nasal cavity to permanently augment the hollow groove running from the side of the patient’s nose to the corners of the mouth. These implants are also useful in thickening the paranasal region, or the areas surrounding the nasal cavity where the sinuses are located.


To view more of Dr. Ip’s chin implant cases, click here to view our photo gallery.

What happens during the procedure?

Before starting, doctors usually put patients under local or general anesthesia to make them comfortable during the procedure. Following this, incisions will be made in strategic positions in the patient’s face, or inside the oral cavity, through which the incisions will be inserted and placed in their specific implant pockets. Incisions are closed using absorbable sutures or skin adhesives.

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