Breast Implant Correction in Newport Beach

What is breast implant correction?

Breast enhancement procedures are highly complex and require much forethought, research, and preparation by the patient. But what if you selected the wrong doctor? Or, what if there was simply a less-than-desirable result? Breast augmentation procedures can see complications for a number of reasons but Dr. Steven Ip and his team can perform a breast implant correction procedure to reverse the unsatisfactory results of the breast enhancement.

A breast implant correction in Newport Beach involves the removal and/or the replacement of your existing breast implants. Dr. IP guarantees to restore a normal and more youthful breast profile after a breast implant correction.  Patients from our Newport Beach and Beverly Hills practice have this done for a number of reasons:

  • If you prefer to change the size of your implants
  • To correct any complications from your previous breast augmentation procedure
  • To remove saline implants that has leaked or deflated
  • Being able to palpate the borders of the implant
  • If you experienced capsular contracture which made the breasts shift position

What can I expect from my breast implant correction procedure?

The technique that Dr. Ip and his team will use will depend on the reason why you require a breast implant correction procedure:

  • If you are looking into changing the size of your breast implant, the breast implant correction will involve removing the old breast implant and inserting a new one.  The size of the breast pocket is also adjusted based on the new size of implant that you have chosen.  If you are reducing your breast implant size and the skin has stretched, you may require a breast lift together with a breast implant correction to maintain a youthful breast contour.
  • In capsular contractures, the capsule surrounding the breasts as well as the implant hardens as a complication of a breast augmentation.  This can be corrected by removing the hardened capsule as well as the previous breast implant used.  The incision will be made on the original site and a new implant will be put in place.
  • For patients who experience rippling or when they are able to feel the borders of their implant, a breast implant correction will involve the removal of the old implant and insertion of a new implant to a new breast pocket to provide better muscle coverage for the implant.
  • The incorrect position of a breast implant can also be repaired by a breast implant correction procedure.  A new pocket will be constructed for the new implant and the original one will be sutured and closed.
  • A breast implant correction can also include the elevation of the nipples and the areola in case a previous breast augmentation has caused them to shift position or to move downwards.

More often than not, the same incision is used when you have a breast implant correction.  It is normal for patients to feel a slight pain and discomfort after the procedure and you will be required as well to wear compression garments to facilitate the healing process and to help the implants settle in.

If you have any questions, or if you want to learn more about breast implants, please call Dr. Ip at (949) 548-0300. For a consultation, or to setup an appointment click here. Proudly serving Newport Beach and Beverly Hills.
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