Brow Lift in Newport Beach

What is a brow lift and why should I consider it?

A brow lift is a cosmetic procedure used widely to alleviate the signs of aging on a patient’s facial area, particularly on the forehead where wrinkles and deep creases ordinarily prevail. Dr. Ip and his team in Newport Beach are certified experts in the brow lift procedure and give patients the benefit of a renewed youthful glow. When a person ages, the skin’s natural tendency is to sag, and crease, and form wrinkles, and this becomes very evident in the brow area when the distance between the eyebrows and the eye lashes shorten because the skin has lost its elasticity. The combination created by deepened eyebrows and wrinkled skin adds years to the patient’s face. A brow lift raises the skin of the forehead to soften the deep lines and also, consequently, raising the eyebrows to instantly brighten up the patient’s face.

What should I expect from a brow lift procedure?

Cosmetic surgeons generally use three techniques in a brow lift to effectively conceal the incisions.

  • A coronal brow lift is made right at the hairline, with the incision made across the top of the patient’s head, from ear to ear. The forehead is lifted and the excess skin is trimmed off from the scalp area of the incision.
  • A hairline brow lift is the technique of choice for patients with receding hairlines where the incision is made on the space in between the top of the patient’s forehead and the edge of the hairline. This technique has produced some very dramatic results, showing great improvements from the troublesome creases. The downside, however, is that scarring may be visible on the hairline so this technique would really work best for patients who wear bangs.
  • An endoscopic brow lift is quickly becoming the technique of choice because of its minimal scarring. An endoscope fitted with a camera will be inserted by the surgeon into the target areas using small incisions behind the hairline. The skin on the forehead will then be shifted backwards to lift it and reduce the deep lines found there. Fixation screws may be put in place under the skin to help support and anchor it in place until it heals completely.

What about recovery?

A standard brow lift procedure will typically take about 2 hours to complete and is generally an outpatient procedure. After the brow lift, the patient will be sore and will experience swelling and bruising, and later on itching, at the affected area. It is best to keep the head elevated after the surgery, and cold packs gently applied to the treated area to help reduce the swelling. Prescription painkillers can be given to the patient post-operatively to help with the pain as well. During recovery, strenuous activities such as exercise or heavy lifting are not advised. The patient must get in touch with the doctor immediately if, during this time, he experiences a fever over 100°F or if there is excessive bleeding or swelling.

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