Hair Replacement in Newport Beach

What is hair replacement?

Many factors can bring about hair loss in patients including stress, dietary preferences, illnesses, and medication. The most prevalent cause of hair loss, though, is alopecia. Going through hair loss can cause many patients to feel anxious and less confident about the way they look, but Dr. Steven Ip has given his patients something to look forward to with the hair replacement procedures available in his facility. Hair replacement is a treatment regimen that is recommended for patients to help them regain their locks over a specified period of time.

Why should I consider hair replacement?

Hair loss is a condition that can happen to both men and women and may affect not just the scalp, but the patient’s entire body. This condition could be a manifestation of a genetic defect, an underlying health condition, or the result of the intake of some types of medication. While there are people that allow their hair loss to run its natural course, others would prefer to cover it up or find alternative ways to resolve it. It is for this reason that hair replacement has become one of the best options for treating hair loss.

What are the hair replacement methods available?

Different types of hair loss can be managed with a corresponding type of hair replacement technique.

  • For hair loss that is the result of an underlying health condition, it is advisable to have the disease treated initially so that hair replacement medication can be used successfully. Examples of medications that are approved for hair replacement therapy include Minoxidil, which is the active ingredient in Rogaine. This is available in a liquid formulation that is indicated for scalp application twice a day to promote hair regrowth, reduce the rate of hair loss, or both. Another hair replacement medication available in the market is finasteride, or commonly known as Propecia. This product comes in a pill formulation, taken once daily to facilitate the growth of new hair. Finasteride is mostly prescribed for men and is ideally not for women.
  • If hair loss can no longer be managed by simple medication methods, Drs. may recommend surgery. 

– Hair transplants are the most common type of surgical technique to combat hair loss and involves the removal of tiny patches of scalp that contains live hair. These will be implanted on to the area of the scalp where hair loss is most apparent.

– Scalp reduction is a technique that reduces the patient’s bald spots through the surgical removal of a hairless scalp, and the resulting space closed using the remaining part of the scalp with hair growing on it. As a modification, doctors also use a flap technique wherein the hair-bearing scalp is folded over a balding area.

  • For patients who choose not to undergo surgery, or medication, the best possible alternative is the use of natural looking hairpieces or wigs that can cover up hair loss.
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