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Scheduling Your Consultation

Choosing to have a plastic surgery procedure starts with scheduling a consultation with T. Y. Steven Ip, MD. Reserving a consultation can be easily done by contacting Dr. Ip’s office at (949) 548-0300 in Newport Beach and (310) 839-0776 in Beverly Hills, California or by E-mail (electronic form). Dr. Ip understands your special needs as a patient and has special office hours by appointment. This allows his patients to have the flexibility to be seen in the early evening and weekends if needed. Upon reserving your consultation, you will receive an informational Aesthetic Surgery Packet with brochures about Dr. Ip’s practice, a map to his office, and information about your desired procedures.

The Consultation

A beautiful environment and a warm and friendly staff will be your first impression at Dr. Ip’s office. During the plastic surgery consultation, you can talk candidly with Dr. Ip about the procedure you desire. He will also perform a physical exam. After the physical exam, he will discuss the peri-operative and post-operative care along with the possible risks and complications associated with the procedure. You can feel comfortable discussing your expectations and asking any questions about the surgery.

Additional Information

The fees involved in the surgery will also be discussed. The fees include the surgical fee, the anesthesia fee, and the operating room fees. The fees are paid prior to performing the surgery. Financing for the procedure is available through a program which is endorsed by the American Society of Plastic Surgery.

Deciding on Surgery

After obtaining all the information needed to make a decision on the surgery, you can then call Dr. Ip’s office and arrange a time to schedule the surgery and initiate the pre-surgical work-up.

Your Follow-Up Care

Our philosophy is that your follow-up care is every bit as important as your surgical procedure. You can expect personal attention and quality follow-up after your surgery. During your follow-up appointment, questions are encouraged. Also, to ensure the quality care and continued patient satisfaction, all post-operative visits and yearly follow-ups are free of charge to our patients.

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