Male Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach

Recent years have shown that men have caught up with the trend of enhancing their self-image with the use of cosmetic procedures designed specifically to meet the male requirement. Male plastic surgery has paved the way for men to keep up with the pressure of being a better version of themselves and Dr. Steven Ip understands this, emphasizing to his patients how getting male plastic surgery does not mean that they are any less masculine, but that they are just real men with real needs and taking the necessary steps to look and feel good.

Why should I consider male plastic surgery?

Male plastic surgery is a branch of cosmetic medicine that is specifically geared towards enhancing the appearance of the male patient. With these methods, men can now also enjoy the benefits of looking younger and more vibrant, with a firmer and more attractive physique to boot. If you are a man who has dedicated much of his time and efforts into living healthy and keeping yourself fit but the effects of aging are starting to get you down, or if you are someone who has been working towards your ideal body image for the longest time but has become frustrated with the lack of results, then male plastic surgery is for you.

What options do I have for male plastic surgery?

By far, the most common procedures for male plastic surgery include the following:

  • Male Breast reduction is used to reduce the amount of excessive breast tissues in men to give them a more streamlined profile. Eliminating “man boobs” will also greatly increase a man’s confidence by making the chest more proportional to the rest of the torso.
  • Implants are a great way to augment scrawny arms, a paltry chest, or a barely there butt. Yes, this male plastic surgery technique of using strategically placed silicone or plastic implants in the right places can definitely get you looking like a chiseled stud in no time.
  • Liposuction for men is advisable for the stubborn pockets of fat that remain even after intensive workouts or strict dieting. Specialized liposuction tubes called cannula are used for this procedure, gently dislodging the fat and suctioning them out of the body to give you a sculpted silhouette instantly.
  • Botox makes a tired face look relaxed and refreshed without the difficulty of going getting actual surgery. The temporary paralyzing action of Botox improves the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face, smoothing them out to create a younger-looking you.
  • Rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping is one of the procedures in male plastic surgery that is becoming increasingly common for patients who want to improve their appearance straightaway. Being a key facial feature, enhancing the shape, the size, and the orientation of our nose can do wonders for how you look. With a rhinoplasty, men can now tame flared nostrils, straighten a crooked nose, and reduce its size if it seems to be too dominant compared to the rest of the face.
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