Thigh Lift in Newport Beach

What is a thigh lift?

To get a smoother and trimmer figure, Dr. Steven Ip often recommends getting a thigh lift in combination with other types of body lift procedures. A thigh lift procedure effectively changes the shape of the thighs, making them proportional to the rest of the body, firmer, and more contoured by removing excess fat and skin. It is often used in conjunction with liposuction to create better-looking results.

Why should I consider getting a thigh lift?

If you have been exerting effort into diet and exercise so that you can achieve a better body image, but you still have a significant amount of excess tissues along the inner or outer thigh region, then a thigh lift could be the next logical step in your quest for body transformation. This is a good option for patients with stable weight, who have no underlying health condition, and are open to the benefits of a cosmetic thigh lift procedure to improve the shape and proportions of their thighs.

What happens during a thigh lift procedure?

  1. In preparation for the surgery, patients may receive general anesthesia or intravenous sedation to ensure their comfort during the procedure.

  2. Incisions will be made on the indicated areas and will depend upon the extent of correction that is required for each thigh. The most common type of incisions are made in the groin region, and depends upon the type of thigh lift technique being employed by the surgeon. Ideally, incisions are made along natural body creases to conceal scarring later on.

    • A medial thigh lift requires only a small incision in the groin region, and may extend downwards towards the pubic area. This type of lift is ideal for restoring the inner thigh.
    • A lateral thigh lift makes use of an incision that spans the area from the uppermost portion of the leg, extending out to the patient’s hips to be able to improve the appearance of the patient’s outer thigh.
  1. These incisions will give the surgeon access to the underlying tissues that require tightening and reshaping to achieve the desired look. Excess skin will also be trimmed off, and the remaining skin stretched and draped across the newly contoured area.

  2. The incisions will be sutured closed.

What are the results of a thigh lift?

Immediately after a procedure, the thighs will begin to show promising change, but they will also appear to be bruised and swollen, initially concealing the full effect of the thigh lift. However, within a few weeks and with the help of compression garments, patients will see the dramatic improvement with the appearance of their thighs as well as the quality of the skin in that area.

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