Do You Need a Brow Lift or a Facelift?

There are just too many treatments to choose from when it comes to facial rejuvenation. With the unwanted effects of aging gradually devouring our looks and self-esteem, it just seems apparent to consider such measures. But if a facelift can already revamp the whole face, why is a brow lift included in the list?

Sorting Out the Difference  

As most of us are aware of, a facelift is done to improve the appearance of the aging face by improving sagging skin and reducing the amount of facial lines and wrinkles. All of this is achieved by creating an incision, usually along the hairline, to tighten the skin and its underlying muscles and give the face a ‘lifted’ appearance. It diminishes the visible signs of aging along the nose and mouth, in the lower face, and areas in the forehead and around the eyes.

So, if it does give the face an overall makeover, why should you shrug off a facelift for a brow lift?

When to Choose a Brow Lift 

It is true that a facelift can address the signs of aging on the face, yet a brow lift is still something to consider – especially when the main issues are the forehead, eyebrows, and eyelids. Of course, a facelift can bring about a more extensive facial overhaul, but a brow lift is much less invasive and easier to perform. A lot of patients still prefer this procedure because it requires a much shorter recovery time compared to a facelift. Moreover, a brow lift alone can already provide the individual with a more relaxed, youthful appearance.

Bring back your youthful look whether through a brow lift or a facelift. Call us today at (949) 548-0300 to book an appointment with Dr. Ip and find out which procedure is best for you.

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