Bigger Is Not Always Better: Problems Caused by Large Breasts

Large breasts are not always nice. In fact, overly large breasts can lead to problems. These issues can be resolved by dealing with the root cause – large breasts. Breast reduction is available for those who want to reduce their breast size and live more comfortably. If you choose not to deal with large breasts, you may experience the following problems sooner or later.

Back pain

If you do not have back pain yet, there is a big chance you will have it soon. Women with large breasts usually lean backward in order to support their breasts. This puts extra pressure on your spine and muscles of the back.

Skin problems

Needless to say, big breasts require bras with bigger sizes. If your bras are extra large, straps are also large. Although large straps provide proper support, they can also cause marks and scratches on the shoulders.

Weight issues

Although it is not directly caused by your large breasts, you can end up with weight problems if you do not move a lot. There are tasks that women with large breasts find hard to do. Walking or jogging may cause discomfort, which is why some women end up avoiding any physical activity. This can lead to weight gain and even bigger breasts.

Psychological effects

You can be self-conscious and lose your self-esteem if your breasts are too big. It can get worse and lead to stress and depression. If your breasts are affecting your psychological well-being, you should consult a plastic surgeon right away.

You do not have to deal with these problems. Here at our Newport Beach plastic surgery practice, Dr. Ip can help improve your quality of life and boost your confidence and self-image through breast reduction surgery. Request an appointment with Dr. Ip by calling 949-548-0300 or filling out this online contact form and be a step closer to reducing your breast size.


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