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Save Gotham – Get an Arm Lift

Arm lift  The characteristics of some borderline sociopathic comic book hero have no place on your body, do they? Of course they don’t. And while Batman may love his little bat wings, you don’t…especially with summer coming up! Let Dr. Ip give you an arm lift and clean up the giggly arms for the denizens […]

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Who Needs Giggly Upper Arms?

Why is it that seemingly no matter how hard a woman works to tone her upper arms, the skin doesn’t seem to cooperate? The result is giggly upper arms, sometimes known, less than gently, as “bat wings.” Fortunately, an arm lift by Dr. Ip can banish the bat wings to the Bat Cave! What causes […]

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Is a Brachioplasty Right for You?

Brachioplasty sounds like it would be some kind of dinosaur, but it is actually a new procedure to improve the structure of the upper arm. Over the course of a lifetime, many things can make arms sage: aging, dramatic weight loss, genetics, a lifetime of little to no exercising, etc. However, the best candidates for […]

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Cover Vs. Care: Dealing with Brachioplasty Scars

One of the biggest concerns when someone is considering plastic surgery is the kind of scarring it will leave. While it is impossible to completely eliminate scarring (after all, you are paying the doctor to make a large incision in your skin), it is a logical concern. You are paying for your body to look […]

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