What Happens During Your Recovery from Breast Reduction

Not happy with your large breasts? Perhaps you are struggling with the effects of having huge breasts. Back pain, skin problems, and other breast-reductionpsychological effects can ultimately cause a woman to seek breast reduction. The results of breast reduction surgery can be very satisfying, and improve your self-image and quality of life. Here’s what you can you expect after breast reduction surgery.

Recovering from Breast Reduction

Patients usually need to take at least a week off work to recover from surgery. As for your bandages and sutures, your surgeon will instruct you on when you will have your follow-up appointments. Women who are physically active will have to refrain from regular activities for at least a month following surgery.

Side Effects and Complications

After breast reduction surgery, expect to have some breast pain. Your doctor will prescribe painkillers and antibiotics to alleviate discomfort and reduce the risk of infection as you recover. You can also expect to feel tired.

Scars are normal after breast reduction. Those scars can worsen if you neglect your recovery instructions and do any heavy lifting. Although rare, some patients may also experience insufficient healing in the nipple area and skin grafting may be needed to correct this rare complication.


When to Contact Your Doctor

Call your doctor as soon as you see any unusual discharges from your incision or if you develop a fever (an early sign of infection). If any of your sutures come out prematurely, contact your surgeon immediately.

Breast reduction can change your life for the better. Learn more about this procedure by calling us today at (949) 548-0300 or filling out this online contact form to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ip. We look forward to hearing from you!

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