Lose the Sagging Forehead

brow liftAs we age, our brow can assume a flat or horizontal position. This sagging can inhibit your ability to express yourself through facial expressions. Even worse, a sagging brow can make you seem perpetually tired, even angry. A brow lift with Dr. Ip has been the solution to sagging in the forehead and brows for decades.

How do I know if I’d be a good candidate for a brow lift?

If these characteristics sound like your situation, a brow lift could be an excellent procedure:

  • You have deep horizontal creases across your foreheads
  • You have excess skin or fatty tissue hanging over your eyes
  • Your sagging or low eyebrows give off a grumpy, tired, sad appearance
  • You have frown lines or furrows between the eyebrows or across the top of the nose

What a brow lift does

A brow lift:

  • Repositions a low or sagging brow that hangs over your upper eyelid
  • Raises the eyebrows to a more alert and younger position
  • Make you look more alive, friendlier, and more happy

What it doesn’t do

A brow lift doesn’t improve either baggy eyelids and can only nominally address crow’s feet. Because of that, you may want Dr. Ip to pair a brow lift with eyelid surgery for a more extensive upper face result.

Three techniques

Brow lifts have been performed for a long time. Over the years, they have evolved with the use of endoscopes from an open procedure to shorter, more complex incisions.

These are the three techniques Dr. Ip uses:

Open brow lift — Also known as a coronal brow lift, this technique involves a long incision made either in a crease across the forehead or around the hairline. Dr. Ip then lifts the skin away and loosens the muscles and removes fat beneath it. Next, he trims away any excess skin, pulls the remaining skin down, and stitches the brow into its new position.

Endoscopic brow lift — In this technique, Dr. Ip inserts an endoscope through several tiny incisions he makes in the hairline. Through these incisions he then manipulates the muscle tissue and fat beneath the skin. While the incisions are minimal, the endoscopic method doesn’t allow as much improvement as the open brow lift.

Limited incision browlift — This method combines both methods. Open incisions are made at the sides of what would be the coronal incision, lifting the skin without an endoscope. This allows the wrinkles at the corners of the eyes to be addressed. It doesn’t address the center of the brow. But if the patient also has eyelid surgery, the area between the brows can be accessed through the upper eyelid incisions.

Tired of looking tired? Call Dr. Ip at his Newport Beach, Beverly Hills, or NYC offices and set up a consultation for a brow lift.

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