Who Said You Can’t Have a Chin Like Kirk Douglas?

Chin SurgeryMore and more men are opting to have cosmetic surgery. One particularly popular procedure is chin surgery. After all, deep down, who doesn’t want to look like Kirk Douglas!

Chin surgery is used to specifically reshape the chin to improve its overall appearance by enhancing or reducing it. While dermal fillers can provide some of these effects on a temporary basis, chin surgery gives a patient a stronger, more prominent chin permanently.

What is involved in chin surgery?

Chin augmentation is the usual goal of chin surgery, especially for men. There are several options available for the patient. Dr. Ip can make the chin wider or lengthen it to make it appear stronger and more visible. To do this, implants are inserted to change the profile of the chin. These implants are made of silicone or polyethylene, and there is an incredibly diverse assortment of available shapes. For men, more than one implant is often used.

Dr. Ip makes an incision either along the line of the lower jaw under the chin or inside the patient’s mouth, depending on the size and rigidity of the implant. To make sure the implant stays in place, Dr. Ip affixes it to the bone or the surrounding tissues, or he creates a pocket to precisely accommodate the implant.

Chin surgery is generally very straightforward and only requires 30 to 45 minutes. Of course, it can be combined with other procedures, if desired.

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