Dealing with Fat in Lower Eyelid Surgery

eyelid surgeryThe area around the eyes is especially susceptible to the process of aging. The skin around the eyes is the thinnest on the body, so it shows changes more than areas such as the cheeks.

Puffiness in the lower eyelids is unattractive. But equally so is a hollowed out look. In lower eyelid surgery, a surgeon’s experience and skills are crucial when figuring out whether or not fat in the lower eyelids should be removed or repositioned. Dr. Ip takes all of this into account when preparing for blepharoplasty. This is where his extensive experience can make a crucial difference.

A conservative approach
In the past, lower eyelid surgery mostly involved aggressive removal of the fat that was causing the puffiness. However, surgeons realized that removing fat led to another cosmetic problem — the sunken look brought about by hollowed eyelids. Because of this, eyelid cosmetic surgeons have become more conservative in their approach to fat removal when performing blepharoplasty.

Fat repositioning in lower eyelid surgery
Repositioning excess fat is currently the standard approach in lower eyelid surgery. This helps achieve the goal of improving the appearance of the lower lash line and a portion of the mid-face without the possible consequence of eyelid hollowness. In some cases, fat grafting is even recommended to smooth out the lower eyelid contours.

Non-surgical alternatives to improve the appearance of the lower eyelids include hyaluronic acid fillers and laser resurfacing treatments.

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