Is There a Cutoff Age for Male Breast Reduction?

Male Breast ReductionWhile female breast reduction is not uncommon, many men with enlarged breasts don’t even know they too can have surgery to correct the problem. Dr. Ip performs many of these procedures to correct gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia, commonly known as abnormal male breast enlargement, is frequently associated with teenage boys. This is largely due to hormonal shifts around this period, as well as excess body weight gained throughout childhood. Recently, as the procedure has received more attention, older patients in their 50s have considered the procedure. The question is — is there a top age limit for male breast reduction? The short answer is — it depends.

There is no specific age limit in reducing the appearance of enlarged male breasts via surgery. Older men can still go through the procedure as long as they’re generally healthy and have no existing health issues that could potentially increase the risk of complications from anesthesia and the surgery itself.

Poor skin laxity in the elderly can also be a challenge for Dr. Ip when performing male breast reduction. A thorough assessment of skin laxity will be done during your personal consultation. On the other hand, the maturity that comes with age is an advantage as it provides older patients a more realistic view of the surgery. So, know that age alone is NOT a deciding factor in whether or not male breast reduction surgery would be effective.

A quick look on the procedure

Male breast reduction surgery with Dr. Ip is relatively fast. Tumescent anesthesia is used to lessen the pain and discomfort during and after surgery. First, liposuction via tiny incisions is performed to remove excess fat. Excess breast glands may be removed through a tiny incision made beneath the areola (the dark portion of nipples). The procedure can take from two to three hours with recovery lasting a week or two.

A personal consultation with Dr. Ip will answer your questions about the possibilities of gynecomastia correction surgery. Call either our Newport Beach or Manhattan offices to set up an appointment with us today!

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