Who Wants to Have Saggy Thighs?

No woman should have to live with saggy thighs. Sometimes it’s due to a large weight loss where the elasticity of the thighs can’t return to their former tautness. Sometimes it’s just genetics. Whatever the reason, a thigh lift with Dr. Ip can change the shape of the thighs, making them proportional to the rest of the body, firmer, and more contoured. Dr. Ip achieves these results by removing excess fat and skin and repositioning the underlying tissues.

Are you right for a thigh lift?thigh lift

OK, so you’ve lost a bunch of weight, but no matter how much you exercise and torture yourself with a rice cake only diet, it’s still there on the inside or outside of your thighs — excess saggy tissue and fat.

You’re right for a thigh lift with Dr. Ip.

How to lift a thigh?

Where Dr. Ip makes his incisions are, of course, dependent on the extent of the correction needed for each thigh. The most common incisions are made in the groin region.

In a medial thigh lift, a small incision is made in the groin region and may extend down toward the pubic area. This type of lift is ideal for restoring the inner thigh.

In a lateral thigh lift, the incision spans the area from the uppermost portion of the leg, extending out over the patient’s hips. This type of lift is ideal for restoring the outer thigh.

With either method, the skin is separated from the underlying tissue. These muscles and membranes are tightening and reshaped to a slimmer contour. Excess skin is then trimmed off and the remaining skin is stretched and re-draped across the newly contoured area.


Your results will show immediately, to a degree. But there will be bruising and swelling that will conceal the full effects. You’ll need to wear compression garments for a few weeks to reduce swelling and help your body adapt to its new contours.

Want to regain your slimmer, tighter thighs? Call Dr. Ip’s Newport Beach or Manhattan offices and schedule a consultation for a thigh lift.

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