Discovering the Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation

As a woman ages, certain parts of her body begins to lose their tone and firmness. The more obvious ones include the face, the arms, breasts, and thighs. Although it cannot be seen in public, a woman’s vagina could also suffer from the unwanted effects of aging – and most women are certainly not comfortable with it.

Here at our Newport Beach plastic surgery practice, Dr. Ip is qualified to perform vaginal rejuvenation and help women who are experiencing discomfort and embarrassment due to the appearance of their vagina. A vaginal rejuvenation procedure is done by tightening the walls and the opening of the vagina as well as its outer appearance.

Why choose to enhance your vagina?

To answer this question, here are three benefits you can get from a vaginal rejuvenation procedure:

  1. Comfort. Because of aging, the skin of the vagina becomes loose and may cause a lot of friction against the underwear or the pants worn by the woman. It might seem like a little thing, but a lot of women experience this untold suffering.

  2. Boost of confidence. Having a loose and saggy vagina may cause an individual to feel less than a woman. There could be changes in self-esteem as she may not feel attractive and desirable anymore. With vaginal rejuvenation, confidence in a woman’s sexuality can be restored.

  3. Enhancement of pleasure. During intimacy, a loose vagina may not reap pleasure for both partners the way a firm one does. As the firmness and tone of the vagina is restored during vaginal rejuvenation, the couple’s satisfaction can be improved during intercourse.

To learn more about vaginal rejuvenation, contact Dr. Ip at 949-548-0300 for our office in Newport Beach or 855-742-8800 for our office in New York and schedule an appointment with him today.


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