You’ve Lost the Weight, Now Lose the Loooooooose Skin

Body ContouringLosing lots of weight is hard work, whether you do it with bariatric surgery or through discipline and lifestyle changes. But after you lose the weight, your skin didn’t get the message. It’s loose, saggy, and looks two sizes too big. No matter what you do, after being stretched for so long that skin can’t return to its former degree of tautness.

Body contouring with Dr. Ip is what you need.

What is body contouring?

Body contouring after major weight loss is the last step toward gaining a new, slimmer self. Body contouring will improve the shape and the tone of the skin. During the procedure, Dr. Ip removes any excess skin to provide a smoother, more natural contour that matches the slimmer body beneath.

Who is right for contouring?

Two things are important here. First, the patient needs to have lost all of the weight he or she plans to lose. Any future weight loss will create sagging (although not to the same degree), which was the initial problem. So, the person should be at his or her target weight.

Second, the patient needs to have stabilized his or her weight for a period of time. Again, this is very important because repeated gain and loss of weight will cause the skin to stretch and sag.

What happens after excessive weight loss?

When a person loses a dramatic amount of weight, the skin that has been stretched for so long cannot return to its former degree of tautness. Here are typical problems after losing the weight:

  • The upper arms are loose and flappy.
  • Breasts are flattened with the nipples pointing downward.
  • The abdomen hangs like an apron with skin hanging downward around the back and sides.
  • Other areas such as the buttocks, thighs, and groin sag and pockets of skin are created.
  • The excess skin creates areas where it rubs, leading to sores and rashes.
  • Excess skin can make personal hygiene challenging in places.

The options for body contouring with Dr. Ip

There is no “stock” body contouring procedure. The areas that need addressing are different for each individual. During your consultation, you’ll discuss which procedures may be right for your situation. Here are the different procedures Dr. Ip uses:

  • A facelift will address loose skin in the mid-face, lower face, and upper neck.
  • A breast lift with or without augmentation will improve the volume and size of the breasts.
  • An arm lift will remove loose, flappy skin on the upper arms.
  • A tummy tuck will remove excess skin and tighten underlying muscle to tone the stomach area.
  • A thigh and buttocks lift will remove excess skin and pockets on the buttocks and upper thighs.

Now that you’ve lost the weight, lose the sag, too. Have Dr. Ip perform body contouring to finish the job. Call his Newport Beach, Beverly Hills, or NYC office to set up a consultation.

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