Body Lift in Newport Beach: Tips for a Smooth Recovery


Body Lift Tips

Now that you’re exhausting trip to weight loss has temporarily come to an end, all you need is to get rid of sagging skin. A major plastic surgery procedure known as a body lift is the solution to this dilemma.

A body lift in Newport Beach involves cuts and stitches, making recovery a bit of a hassle. However, by following Dr. Ip’s instructions religiously, you can have a quick and comfortable recovery. Here are some tips for you to get by.

An extra person can give you that extra help.

Immediately after your body lift, you will need all the help you can get especially when moving around at home. You may not feel like your 100% self yet during the first two weeks after surgery, so it is best to have someone else around. Strenuous activities should also be avoided for at least four to six weeks.

Don’t freak out from all that swelling.

Swelling is common after a body lift as well as with any other surgical procedure. This can be controlled by the drains attached to your body and by wearing the compression garments that your surgeon may require you to use. These garments will also help smoothen and flatten the skin in the surgical site.

Wounds equal to scars.

Many patients ask if there is scarring after a body lift. Of course, there will be visible scars right where your skin is cut and sutured. They are also permanent. The good news is that they usually fade after twelve months.

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