Chemical Peels: Benefits Outweigh the Risks

Beauty does not come free, which means that every cosmetic procedure entails a risk that we have to possibly face. Take the case of chemical peels. Many of our patients shy away from the procedure at first – especially when they hear the word ‘chemical’ – thinking that these peels will do more damage than good.

However, most of our patients in Newport Beach can attest that chemical peels have indeed made their skin look and feel smoother and more youthful.

Dealing with Downtime from Chemical Peels 

You may be worried about the significant downtime you will experience after completing a chemical peel, but no. You won’t probably be moping around at home with a horrible peeling face. There are already a lot of chemical peels that are mild and provide no downtime at all. You wouldn’t worry about visible exfoliation anymore.

‘Chemicals’ and Your Skin  

This has been one of the reasons why most people have second thoughts about getting chemical peels. However, not all chemicals are bad for your skin. Moreover, most of the chemical peels used in cosmetic procedures are made from natural substances. Although they contain ‘acids’ such as salicylic, these acids do not actually have negative effects on the skin. In fact, what they do is rejuvenate the skin.

Chemical Peels as a One-Time Treatment  

Of course, no treatment can stop aging and the unwanted signs that come with it. A single chemical peel session may give you healthier- and younger-looking skin, but it will not stop your skin from aging again. Because of this, patients may find the need to undergo another session to achieve the results they desire.

Chemical Peel in Newport Beach

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