How Chin Implants Can Change Your Overall Appearance


Dr. Ip’s patients often consider chin surgery when they feel uncomfortable about the way their chin looks and how it affects the rest of their face. Chin surgery using chin implants is a cosmetic procedure that could enhance the prominence of the chin, making it tighter and more contoured. Aging can take its toll on our face, and chin implants are great options to restore your youthful look.

Here are some of the reasons why patients have been satisfied with the outcomes of their chin surgery:

  • Chin implants are designed to adapt to natural bone structure, giving the chin a more defined feature as well as the right angle to the jaw line.
  • Weak chins can be augmented and emphasized. Weak chins can be a cause of embarrassment and poor self-confidence, which is why a lot of people wish to have chin implants.
  • Patients who do not like the structure of their nose, but don’t want to have a rhinoplasty, can boost its appearance by opting for chin implants instead.
  • Chin surgery is easily customizable as every patient has different needs and preferences. Some may want a softer and natural look and some may prefer a more angular and chiseled contour.

While you are still considering chin surgery, it is important that you meet with a reliable surgeon to get more information about the procedure. Call us today at (949) 548-0300 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ip and learn what you have to know about chin implants. We look forward to hearing from you!


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