Be Part of the In Crowd with a Chin Implant

Beauty portrait of a young brunette woman with beautiful smileDo you know what type of plastic surgery is the fastest-growing procedure, becoming more and more popular every day? It’s not breasts, and it’s not lipo—it’s chin implants. And rightly so! If you are looking to change your face shape, fixing your chin is the way to go.

Celebrities everywhere have been getting chin implants for years. If you opt for a chin implant, you will be among celebrities like:

  • Marilyn Monroe. Known as one of the most beautiful women, Marilyn’s curves were real, but her chin wasn’t. There is actually medical evidence that she had two chin jobs, the second after her first implant was reabsorbed into her body.
  • Bristol Palin. Daughter of the former candidate for Vice President, Bristol Palin has often denied getting a chin job, but it’s very clear that her new chin is much more defined and prominent than it used to be!
  • Kim Kardashian. Although it’s never been confirmed that she’s had a chin job, if you look at before and after pictures of Kim, it’s obvious that she’s had at least one—if not multiple—chin implants.
  • Renee Zelwegger. One of the more recent celebs to be called out for plastic surgery, Renee has also said she hasn’t had work done. And although many professionals do say she probably hasn’t had as much work done as some say, they do say she probably has received a chin implant.

Join the Crowd

But you can feel like a celebrity through more than just getting a procedure. Many people coming in for chin implants request specific chins—like those of Angelina Jolie, Kiera Knightly, Halle Berry, and JLo. While your surgeon will need to adjust their look to your personal face, having a new chin will help you feel more balanced, powerful, and confident.

The most important thing to remember is that even though it seems like most of the celebrities who have had plastic surgery have denied the reports, you don’t need to follow suit. Taking control of your looks and your personal body is nothing to be ashamed of! If you are making an educated decision, you should be proud of your new chin.


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