Change Your Face with Implants

Some people have real issues with certain characteristics of their face. It may be a weak chin. Maybe flat, shapeless cheeks. Maybe a soft jawline.

Facial implants allow people to accentuate the basic characteristics of their faces, polishing a patient’s look.

What are facial implants?

Facial implants are pieces of solid silicone that come in different shapes. Dr. Ip consults with his patients about their desires and what can be achieved with facial implants. It is important to not be too dramatic with the changes. Usually, implants are used to add volume into a prominent area on the face that appears sunken or hollow.

Types of facial implants

Facial ImplantsThere are a wide variety of facial implants, depending on what the patient is seeking to achieve.

  • Mid-facial implants or cheek implants are used to add fullness to the cheeks. They can be inserted through incisions made on the inner portion of the upper lip, behind the hairline, or just below the lower eyelid. Implants can give a patient higher cheekbones or fuller cheeks.
  • Chin implants give a person a more prominent chin. Incisions can be made either on the inner portion of the patient’s lower lip, or through a small incision made right under the chin.
  • Lower jaw implants enhance the jawline for a stronger, more chiseled look. These implants are inserted through an incision inside the patient’s lower lip.
  • Nasal implants improve the shape of the tip or the bridge of the nose. Incisions are made within the nose.
  • Paranasal implants are inserted into the nasal cavity to permanently augment the hollow groove running from the side of the patient’s nose to the corners of the mouth. The goal is to thicken the paranasal region.

Interested in adding some shape to your face? Call Dr. Ip’s Newport Beach or New York offices and let’s talk about facial implants.

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