Strengthen Your Face with Facial Implants

Facial ImplantsWe’ve all heard of this or that movie star, the one with the “chiseled” facial features. Not many of us can measure up to that description. But with facial implants, Dr. Ip can add definition to any man’s face.

Everyone has heard of breast implants, but few know implants can be used to help define the face. Facial implants are shaped pieces of silicone that are positioned in predetermined places in the forehead, cheeks, chin, and jaw to enhance the shape. This is a popular procedure with men seeking more definition in their face.

Different implants for different areas

A wide variety of facial implants are available, each intended for a different area of the face.

Mid-facial implants

Also called cheek implants, these add fullness to the cheeks and may be inserted through an incision made on the inner portion of the upper lip, behind the hairline, or just below the lower eyelid. These implants create higher cheekbones or fuller cheeks.

Chin implants

These implants deliver a more prominent chin and are inserted through incisions that can be made either on the inner portion of the patient’s lower lip, or through a small incision made under the chin.

Low jaw implants

These create a stronger, more chiseled lower face profile. These implants are inserted through an incision made inside the patient’s lower lip.

Nasal implants

Inserted from inside the nose, these implants change the shape of the tip or bridge of the nose.

Paranasal implants

These implants augment the hollow groove running from the side of the patient’s nose to the corners of the mouth. They are also useful for thickening the paranasal region, the areas surrounding the nasal cavity.

Interested in strengthening your facial profile? Call Dr. Ip at his Newport Beach or Manhattan office and schedule a consultation on facial implants.

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