Recovering from Facial Implants

shutterstock_61131787Your facial contour has a great impact on your overall appearance. A weak chin may take away your authoritative look. On the other hand, fuller cheeks can make you look much younger than your age. If you have decided that you want to get facial implants in Newport Beach, you have to be aware of what happens not just before or during the procedure, but also how recovery would be like.

What You Will Look Like After the Facial Implants Procedure

Most of our patients report some bruising and swelling for the first few days after the procedure. Some mild to moderate discomfort may be experienced during these days as well. These symptoms may be reduced with the application of cold compress. Although you can move around and continue some of your regular daily activities, there may be limitations so as to let your body rest and recover.

Aftercare Instructions to Follow

During the first two weeks, promoting recovery is of paramount importance. Dr. Ip will provide you with specific instructions to do so such as elevating your head at a 45-degree angle during the first week following the procedure. Stitches will likely be removed in about five to ten days, yet some sutures, especially those placed inside the mouth, will eventually dissolve during this time.

The appropriate diet to follow would be a soft diet. This should continue for up to ten days following your facial implant surgery. After a week, you may be able to continue with your normal activities and return to work. In about six to eight weeks, vigorous physical activity may already be resumed.

Facial Implants in Newport Beach, CA

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