Is There a Six Pack Under that Fat? Uncover Your Buried Treasure!

Body FXHave you ever spent weeks and weeks at the gym working your abs? As you’ve gone from doing 15 crunches to 30 to 50 to 100, you’ve probably felt your muscles growing stronger and more defined. But when you look in the mirror you still don’t see your desired results! While you feel better, your stomach flab is not going away—and it’s hiding all the visible results of your hard work.

If you are simply trying to spot fix a trouble area and not trying to use this as a method to lose weight, you can start to show off that six pack you’ve been working so hard for with a tummy tuck. And even if you don’t have a six pack (yet), a tummy tuck could be a step in the right direction for having the body you’ve always wanted.

What Exactly Does a Tummy Tuck Do?

You’ve heard about it hundreds of times, but do you really know what a tummy tuck does? No, it’s not meant to lose weight. Although it does target extra fat, a tummy tuck is not a form of bariatric surgery. Your body should already be at a healthy and comfortable weight.

Instead, a tummy tuck’s purpose is to help you target a problem area: your abs. In fact, it is often a great surgery to have after drastic weight loss, as it mostly removes excess skin in addition to unwanted fat deposits. What may be most surprising to you is that this procedure also helps strengthen your abdominal wall. Not only does it uncover those abs, it makes them smoother and stronger.

No Pain, No Gain

Although not excessively risky or painful, a tummy tuck does come at a price, not only monetary but physical. After your tummy tuck surgery, you will need to pay your dues and take some down time to allow your new body to heal properly. Between compression garments, scar creams, and pain medication, you will be up and moving after about a week—and up and running in just a few more after that.

Talk to your doctor about how a tummy tuck can help you show off your natural beauty and how exactly you should approach the recovery process.

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