Facelift vs. Botox: Speaking of the Results

bannerMany treatments can restore the youthfulness of the skin. Two of the most popular facial rejuvenation treatments are facelifts and Botox injections. There are pros and cons to each procedure.

Longer lasting results with facelift

People age at different rates, and its unwanted effects depend on different factors, including genetics, sun exposure, smoking, stress, and overall health. Considering these variables, no doctor can predict how much a person can delay the signs of aging. A facelift can take a decade off your face but will not stop you from aging. The good thing about this invasive cosmetic procedure, though, is that the result lasts six to 10 years on average.

There are many facelift techniques to choose from. To address minimal signs of aging, the patient can get a mini facelift. For deep-seated wrinkles and facial lines, a patient may opt for a complete facelift. It is important to consider skin elasticity before getting a facelift. Younger patients have a better chance of lasting results because their skin is more elastic and, therefore, more responsive to the treatment.

Instant, short-term results with Botox

Botox injections have grown more popular because of the instant results they deliver. But one downside of Botox is that its skin rejuvenating results only usually last about three to six months, with additional treatments then necessary to maintain the results.

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