Welcome to the Scene, Fellas

_iStock_000016341734SmallSigns of aging – those fine lines and wrinkles that show up around the eyes and forehead – don’t exclusively happen to women.  With increasing frequency, men are choosing to do something about them.  Enter “Brotox,” the coined term for Botox for men.

Women have long known the benefits of these injections, which help to relax the muscles and minimize crows feet and forehead wrinkles.  However, recent research has found that the number of men getting this cosmetic procedures has exploded by 310% in the past decade.

Men are becoming increasingly conscientious about their appearance, and are willing to take steps to improve it.  Males who have tried Botox report feeling better and looking better.  But the choice to get Botox is not always about appearance alone.  Some male patients are convinced it gives them an edge in the workplace which allows them to generate more revenue than their younger counterparts.

More often than not, men are encouraged to try the procedure by the women in their life.  As cosmetic procedures continue to gain in popularity with women, men naturally start asking questions about how the procedure might help them.  With a little nudge, men often make the appointment with the support of their significant other.

Wondering if Botox might be right for you?  Here’s a few things you should know:

  • The pain is not that bad. The needles we use to inject Botox are small, and most patients report the pain is less than that of getting blood drawn.
  • Most people can generally return to work immediately after the procedure. It’s a common misconception that you will be left bleeding and bruised.  Yes, there is a slight (very slight) chance you might have a tiny bruise after the fact, but by the next day any lingering signs you had anything done will be gone.
  • Botox eventually wears off. It’s sad but true, Botox doesn’t last forever.  The effects of the injections typically last approximately four months and will need to be repeated to keep the appearance.

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