Reversing a Worst-Case Scenario: Breast Implant Correction Surgery

More stock images - 102Although the cases are very few and far between, there is always a risk that your breast implant surgery is going to go wrong. Whether you chose the wrong doctor or the wrong implant, or even if you and your doctor made all the right decisions, sometimes you won’t be satisfied with the results or something will go wrong medically. Although these situations are very rare, you need to be aware of how to treat them in case the need should arise.

Why Do You Need Breast Implant Correction Surgery?

There are a number of possible reasons for needing a correction surgery. These can range from aesthetic preferences to something more pressing, such as a problem with the implant.

Sizing Problems

Maybe, after living for a while with your new breasts, you decide you actually want them to be bigger or smaller. Breast implant correction will remove your old implants and essentially perform the surgery anew but with a new implant size.

Damage to the Implant

Whether you chose saline or silicone implants, there is always a slight chance that the implants will be damaged and start to leak. While neither of these are serious medical issues, it will definitely affect the way your breasts look. You don’t want them collapsing on you! Implant correction surgery can quickly and easily solve the problem by swapping out the bursted implant with a new one.

Capsular Contracture

Although rare, capsular contracture is when your body essentially rejects the breast implant. The capsule in the breast begins to tighten and close off, squeezing the implant. It can be very painful and can also look unappealing. Correction surgery will remove the hardened capsule, as well as the implant, replacing it with a new implant and leaving your breasts healthy again.

Other Issues

If you can feel the edges of your implant, your implant is not placed properly. Implants can also shift, altering their look and feel, if your breast tissue has changed due to weight loss or gain. Having corrective surgery can alter and fix the placement and look of your implants.

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