Want a New Nose? Choose from 14 Shapes!

Portrait of beautiful woman with blue eyesBefore any rhinoplasty surgery, you will meet with your surgeon to decide the best type of new nose for you. This will happen after much discussion and consulting. You will describe what you want out of the surgery, and then your surgeon (who is trained to know how different shapes and sizes of nose will look with the rest of your facial features) will offer suggestions. In the end, you will make the final decision, and your surgeon will give you the look you desire.

But what if you just know you don’t like your nose? It is supposedly said that there are 14 different types of noses. Here are some of them to get your nose inspiration and nasal dreams started.

  • Turned-up. Also known as the “celestial” nose, this nose has a slight up-swoop at the tip. Found on celebrities like Carey Mulligan, this nose is considered one of the most attractive.
  • The most common type of nose, this nose is large, with a rounder dorsum (or bridge) and lots of extra skin and size. Think Albert Einstein. Although your surgeon could give you this type of nose, chances are you’ll opt for something more dainty or strong.
  • When you think of a Greek sculpture, what do their noses look like? They’re perfectly straight, with the tip of the nose extending down just a tiny bit beyond the nostrils.
  • If you feel like your nose looks like a beak–and maybe you even want that harsher, pointed look–you have a hawk nose. Large and droopy with a pointed tip, this nose really can look bird-like.
  • We’ve already talked about the Greeks, but what differences do the Romans bring to the table? Long and gradually sloping, this nose is considered fairly attractive and even ambitious.
  • Gracing beauties like Elizabeth Taylor, this nose is small and dainty, and therefore usually considered one of the most attractive nose shapes. It isn’t quite turned-up, but it does slope gently upward at the tip, exposing the nostrils.
  • If you like a more natural look, you might consider the bumpy nose, which, although straight and generally skinny, has a small bump in the dorsum.

Although these are only half of the possible nose types, they are some of the most common. Whether you want to achieve one of these, or swap out your bulbous nose for something daintier, come consult with a rhinoplasty surgeon soon.

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