Cover Vs. Care: Dealing with Brachioplasty Scars

Skin Tightening (2)One of the biggest concerns when someone is considering plastic surgery is the kind of scarring it will leave. While it is impossible to completely eliminate scarring (after all, you are paying the doctor to make a large incision in your skin), it is a logical concern. You are paying for your body to look and feel better, and a large and obvious scar is not going to help with that problem.

Scarring After an Arm Lift

An arm lift, or brachioplasty surgery, is especially susceptible to scarring. The incision often extends from the armpit all the way down the arm to the elbow. And not only is it a large scar, but it can be very visible! Most people spend most of their days with their arms at least slightly bared and exposed. Many surgeons agree that brachioplasty scars are among the worst in plastic surgery, due to both their size and visibility.

But don’t worry! Not all is lost. There are some options for making your arm lift scars less visible.


The first option to consider is placement. The two main options are the inner arm and the back of the arm. Inner arm scars are generally less visible–unless you are lifting or moving your arms a lot. You will also be able to see them. However, if you choose to go with a cut along the back of your arm, know that although it will not be visible to you, anyone standing behind you will see it.

Cover It Up

The next option is, of course, to cover it up. If you are really self-conscious about your scars, consider wearing longer sleeves. Scars can also be hidden with the careful application of makeup. While these options are effective, they can also be very limiting and are in no way permanent.

A Little TLC

Giving your arms a little TLC will go a long way. Before your surgery, talk to your doctor about medical treatments to help minimize scarring. These include a variety of scar removal creams, steroid injections, or other surgeries or treatments such as dermabrasion or laser treatments.

Your scarring will also be minimized by following the recovery instructions given to you by your doctor. Rest, relaxation, and low stress and tension levels will give you the best results.

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