3 Types of Permanent Makeup to Save Your Time and Energy

Are you a person with a busy schedule and it seems that putting on a makeup before you start your day is too time consuming? Do you want a short cut? In today’s fast paced world, you can save time and energy with a permanent makeup in New York and in NewPort Beach where the plastic surgery facilities of Dr. T. Y. Steven Ip can be located. Dr. Ip is a double board certified plastic surgeon in Newport Beach and New York who can definitely answer your need to look good always with a permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup is an effective alternative to conventional makeup, with its daily application and constant checks and retouches. You can save time, money, energy and enjoy the rest of your day even a late party without worrying about a makeup retouch. Applying a variety of makeup to define your thinning brows, define your lips and outline your eyes are not an easy task to handle. Sometimes a makeup smear is a major problem to deal with.

The plastic surgery facility in New York or NewPort Beach of Dr. Ip offers the below safe procedures of permanent makeup to enhance your look or cover up some scars or pigmentation and at the same time always feel confident with your look:

1. Permanent Eyebrows – You can fill in thinning hair on your eyebrows and create the desired perfect arch appropriate for your face.

2. Permanent Eyeliner – You can enhance either your upper eyelid or lower eyelid to define your eyes which can be tricky and time consuming if done with your usual daily makeup application.

3. Permanent Lip Liners – Define the line of your lips to make it look more full and you can also add some color to make your lips more vibrant and no more need to wear lipstick throughout the day.

Easy and convenient are the key with permanent makeup options that you can choose from the facility of Dr. Ip. Always look your best right after you rise and shine fresh from your bed. A woman on the go deserves to look best her best – always.

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