Look Good Permanently with Permanent Makeup

There’s no denying the effect makeup can make, accenting here, highlighting there. But for people who either can’t wear makeup due to skin sensitivity, or for those who’ve lost dexterity, Dr. Ip offers permanent makeup to eliminate the need for daily application of makeup.

Permanent makeup is procedure that utilizes the tattooing technique to permanently infuse the skin with pigment that resembles conventional makeup. Permanent makeup can be applied to the eyebrows, lips, eyelids, and other skin of the face.

What are the uses for permanent makeup?

permanent Make-UpPermanent can solve many different issues on the face. It’s a great way to cover scars or pigmentation problems on the face, and you only have to do it once! It can be a very important treatment for patients who have lost facial hair, including the eyebrows, due to chemotherapy, old age, alopecia, and genetic diseases. It can even improve and restore the color of the breast areolae after surgery.

Who can benefit from permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup gives the patient a soft, natural-looking effect. It is particularly effective for certain conditions:

• If a patient suffers from hypersensitivity of their skin, permanent makeup is a great solution because those people can’t wear typical makeup due to reactions.
• For women who lead active lifestyles, particularly in warmer climates, their makeup can rub off throughout the day, but not with permanent makeup.
• For people who have acquired diseases that affect their dexterity such as M.S., Parkinson’s disease, or arthritis, permanent makeup is more than welcome.

Specific areas

Here are some of the areas Dr. Ip applies permanent makeup.

Permanent eyebrows are created to make the eyebrows more streamlined and prominent. The entire eyebrow can be recreated, or just a few strokes to return a sense of fullness.

Permanent eyeliner is useful for defining the eyes and eyelashes. It can also be used to enhance the eyelids.

Permanent lip liners can shape and define the lips, make them more symmetrical, or even make them look fuller. The technique also infuses color into the lips to make them look more vibrant.

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