Dealing with Rhinoplasty Recovery

A nose job may involve only a small part of our body, but the procedure still involves incisions and stitches. Every patient should be aware of the possible side effects and complications that may arise during recovery. Here’s what to expect during recovery.

Keeping the Swelling to a Minimum

As with any other procedure that requires incisions, swelling is expected after rhinoplasty, although the degree of swelling will vary by the patient. This side effect can be reduced by keeping the head elevated during recovery. During the first two days following surgery, cold compresses are effective in reducing swelling and alleviating discomfort. To prevent disrupting the new contours of the nose, it is also best to avoid bumping or hitting the area during recovery.

The Possibility of a Hemorrhage

After a rhinoplasty, the nose may seem blocked in the nostrils for a few days while swelling is still present. When swelling starts to subside, there will be a good deal of mucus drainage. If you notice blood-tinged secretions, know that this is normal, unless the drainage becomes profuse. To help stop the bleeding, apply pressure on both sides of the base of the nostrils. Cold compresses applied to the nose, neck, or face can also help.

The Degree of Pain to Expect

Most rhinoplasty patients report minimal to no pain right after their procedure. However, discomfort could be present due to swelling. Pain relievers often do the trick in alleviating the discomfort.

Rhinoplasty in Newport Beach, CA

The increased confidence and beauty of your face will make the minor discomfort that follows rhinoplasty worthwhile. If you’re interested in rhinoplasty, request a consultation with Dr. Ip today by calling (949) 548-0300. We look forward to meeting you!

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