What You Have to Know Before Considering Rhinoplasty

A lot of people are not happy with the shape, size, and overall look of their nose. It can be too short, too long, too narrow, too wide, or crooked. Since the nose is found at the middle of the face, it is easily noticed. A nose that has an unusual shape may not be in balance with other facial features. Fortunately, people who want to have a nose that is in harmonious balance with the rest of the face can benefit from nose surgery, technically known as rhinoplasty. Here at our Newport Beach plastic surgery practice, we encourage patients to be aware of the following before deciding to undergo rhinoplasty.

Know the risks and benefits associated with the procedure. It is very important for the patient to know the benefits of nose surgery as well as its risks. Patients need to have a better understanding of the procedure, how it is done, and what to expect after nose surgery.

Have realistic expectations. A good candidate for nose surgery has realistic expectations and knows what nose surgery can and cannot do. As much as you would like to have a “perfect” nose, it does not exist. What Dr. Ip can do is give you a natural-looking nose that is in harmonious balance with other facial features.

Make sure that no one has influenced you to undergo surgery. The decision to have nose surgery should come from you and not from family or friends. Also, if you are in the middle of a personal crisis, delay any plastic surgery plans. You need to have a clear mind and think a lot of times before choosing to undergo surgery.

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